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Materials: Screen printed glue flocked with static grasses and polymer clay miniatures, projected motion graphic animation. 

This miniature installation references Feminist concepts from French philosopher Hélène Cixous. Cixous refers to the woman who refuses to conform to societal expectation of gender as a “defector.” This kind of identity formation which disregards the seemingly insurmountable weight of misogynist expectation, takes the ultimate imagination, one which is so brave that it defies centuries of gendered oppression to find one’s true self. Here I utilize miniature extension chords as a symbol of power. When placed in a natural environment, I am emphasizing the man-made, unnatural quality of these systems of power in our everyday

Resin nail with glitter
Resin nail with glitter

Resin details from "Chatting"

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Resin nail with glitter
Resin nail with glitter

Resin details from "Chatting"

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Chatting (glitter HVAC)

Materials: resin cast nails, thermoformed plastic, silicone, glitter, blowers.

This work expands upon the function of an HVAC system as a symbolic means of discussing relationship dynamics. While Capitalist-driven abuses of power have a more obvious impact given its over-arching effect on all of our daily lives, even the most casual relationship dynamics can insight seedier, less apparent psychological consequences if one party abuses their power over the other. The function of the HVAC in this system is abstracted as a visualization of these lines of communication, emphasizing the commonality of these abuses as means of banal symbolism.


Sell the Fact that You Can’t Be Bought

Materials: microcontroller, Mixer board, radio transmitter, various audio samples.

This work uses a radio transmitter and oscillator to change the pitch of a broadcasted audio track according to changes in light from the neon. I am pirating a radio wave to transmit the audio for the exhibition— a choice which subverts and synthesizes clips from popular culture to discuss how media sources project ideas of how we should live our lives to suggest greater agency in this relationship between viewer and media. Equity is not given, it is taken.


Heartbeat in the Thigh Meat

Materials: Paper pulp, diorama grasses, polymer clay miniatures, animated neon with 8mm tube pumped with argon and neon, programmed Arduino Nano, LEDs, 3D modeled and printed miniatures

This work is a symbolic landscape in which I miniaturized banal artifacts present in everyday life to express the psychological consequences of societal expectation. I wanted to create a landscape that visualizes the weight of societal expectation on the identity of those oppressed by it, how oppression can unassumingly comprise the identity of the oppressed. When "the other" becomes "the oppressed," the perceived reality of "the oppressor" is always looming on the mind of the oppressed. Within this work, and throughout the exhibition, I also utilize the symbolic potential of extension chords, neon, microcontrollers, and excessive wiring as a means to visualize power structures. In doing so, I am depicting how the transfer of power from one object to the next directly impacts each object implicated in the exchange— one part of this exchange offers energy, the other feeds on it.

Heartbeat in the Thigh Meat.png